Science for the sake of advancing human knowledge is important. Personally, I'm impatient: I research to inform policy and practice, and communicating with practitioners and the public is a critical part of my work. These are some of the media stories that discuss my work or include my comments. 


C-SPAN, Washington Journal, Efforts to reform taxpayer-funded disaster relief policies (2021). 

NBC Boston, Buyer beware: Massachusetts flood disclosure law criticized (2021).

 NBC Boston, Rising seas: Time for Mass. Towns to retreat from the coast? (2020) 

Cimpatico TV, Climate Adaptation: Managed Retreat (2020).

Podcasts / Radio

All Things Considered, NPR, "Google plans to expand its campus -- which might become unsafe as sea levels rise" (2021) 

Science Friday, Stories from those on the frontlines of sea level rise (2021) 

NPR, More than Half of US Buildings are in Places Prone to Disaster, Study Finds (2021) 

Learning More, "Water, floods, and sea level rise" (2021)

Science Friday, "As seas rise and rivers flood, communities look for a way out" (2019)

America Adapts, "Everything you wanted to know about managed retreat (but were afraid to ask)" (2019)

National Public Radio, “Sweeping Study Raises Questions About Who Benefits from Buyouts of Flood-Prone Homes (2019)

National Public Radio, “Considering ‘Managed Retreat’(2019)

Newspaper articles

Climate Centre, COP26: Does adaptation actually reduce risk? New global study probes answers, Nov 3, 2021. 

Rosanna Xia, LA Times, How should California confront the rising sea? These lawmakers have some bold ideas, Aug 6, 2021

Saniel Cusick, E&E News, Scientific American, Stay or Go? Climate disaster victims face wrenching decision, June 23, 2021. 

Jim Morrison, "Climate Change Turns the Tide on Waterfront Living: Rising seas and worsening flooding are forcing many communities to plan their retreat from the coasts," Washington Post, April 2020

Jake Bittle, On the Waterfronts: Flood buyouts and the economics of climate change,” The Baffler, Jan 2020

Kendra Pierre-Louis, How to Rebound After a Disaster: Move, Don’t Rebuild, Research Suggests,” New York Times, Aug 2019

Christopher Flavelle, “Rich Counties get More Help to Escape Climate Risk,” New York Times, Oct 2019

Prashant Gopal,America’s Great Climate Exodus is Starting in the Florida Keys,” Bloomberg, Sep 2019

Lydialyle Gibson, “Scholars Advocate ‘Managed Retreat’ before Climate Change Sinks Coastlines,” Harvard Magazine, Aug 2019

Eric Roston, “Americans Start Adapting to Climate Change. They’re Doing it Wrong,” Bloomberg, Nov 2019

Shayla Love, “This is what America Could Look Like When Our Coasts are Under Water,” Vice, July 2019

Public Articles

A.R. Siders, Art and Science in the Netherlands' Watersnood Museum, Europe Up Close

<- The names of people who died during the 1953 flood in the Netherlands are projected on mud deposited by that storm, still inside the storm's museum. 

A.R. Siders, K.J. Mach. 2021. "Managed retreat, done right, can reinvent cities so they're better for everyone - and avoid harm from flooding, heat, fires," The Conversation.

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A.R. Siders, 2018. “Government-funded buyouts after disasters are slow and inequitable – here’s how that could change,” The Conversation.

Videos / Presentations

A selection of conferences, webinars, and presentations. A youtube playlist of some of my presentations is available here, and for those who can't get enough of managed retreat, this playlist includes 160+ videos (over 70 hours) of presentations by myself and others on the topic. 

Playlist - Collection of talks on YouTube

America Adapts 

Everything you wanted to know about managed retreat (2019)

Storm Surge: Newburyport, MA

When is it time to retreat? Public Webinar (2019)


Massachusetts Bar Association Presentation

"Advancing in a New Direction: U.S. Coastal Retreat" (2019)

Opening Plenary (2021) Columbia University Managed Retreat Conference 

(My comments start at 41:45, but don't miss Jacqui Patterson's comments on environmental justice) 

At What Point Managed Retreat?

Conference at Columbia University (2019) Justice Session (@16min)