If you're interested in working with me, send an email with your resume or CV and a statement of interest. Contact me early so we can work on project ideas and apply for funding. 

I am a faculty member in Geography and Spatial Sciences, Disaster Science and Management, and Urban Affairs and Public Policy and an affiliate of the School of Marine Science & Policy. I mainly advise students in these programs. I'm open to working with students in other departments subject to the requirements of the home department. 

The Disaster Research Center also welcomes postdoctoral and visiting scholars. Please email me if you are interested. 

For PhD students, please look at this advising document to get a sense of my approach to advising and my expectations.  Also check out the advising resources and opportunities below. 

For Master's students, please read this advising document. Note: if you would like me to be your research advisor, I require that you contact me no later than the spring of your first year (or one year before your anticipated graduation).

Undergraduates, email me and tell me about your research interests and experience. I commonly supervise student projects through UDRAW and the Summer Fellows programs. Biden School majors: consider applying for the Lynda D. Woolard Scholarship

Discrimination must not only be avoided but actively prevented and redressed. We must dismantle systems that perpetuate inequality. Here are some steps I am taking. 


Biden School UAPP PhD Study Plan

DISA Program Overview

Proposal Guidelines (UAPP&DISA)


Siders PhD Advising Expectations


Siders MS Advising Expectations


Climate Adaptation Policy (GEOG/ SPPA/ MAST 419/619

Climate Fiction, Science & Communication (GEOG/SPPA 416/616

Environmental Justice in Disasters (SPPA/ GEOG/ MAST 414 / 614

Public Policy Analysis (UAPP 325) (Flipped Classroom)

Climate Change Policy (ENEP 426)

Research Design (SPPA 800) Fall (First Year PhD Students)

I am exploring the use of video games in climate change social science courses. Thanks to the UD library for making this possible! Some of the games we are currently using include: 

I'll give feedback on how students receive each of these games. In future, I hope we'll be able to explore Civilization Gathering Storm, Fate of the World, Endling, and the Perfect Dark remake. If you have suggestions for other games that incorporate climate change or environmental justice themes, let me know!  Note - I'm mostly interested in non-serious games. While I recognize the value of serious gaming, I am curious to explore how students encounter climate & EJ in mainstream culture. 



DENIN Environmental Fellows

The Delaware Environmental Institute awards 2-year fellowships to PhD students working to solve social problems. 

Quick Response Grants - Natural Hazards Center

The Natural Hazards Center provides quick response grants to gather data in the immediate aftermath of a disaster. 

NSF Geography Dissertation Improvement 

National Science Foundation provides funding for doctoral research. Applicants must be post-candidacy. 

Also look at externship funding.

External Funding Sources

Johns Hopkins maintains a large database of opportunities for graduate funding

The Social Science Research Council offers fellowships & research grants. 

See more opportunities at UD here: 

Other opportunities: 

And related lists of graduate fellowships and awards here, here, and here.


Lynda D. Woolard Scholarship

Annual scholarship for Biden School majors with financial need. Preference to those with interest in climate and disasters. To learn more, check with Biden School front office.



Paid summer internships. Learn more and apply. 

Water Resources Center

Paid school year internships. Learn more and apply

UD Summer  Scholars/Fellows

Two programs that support summer research for undergraduates. Annual applications in April. Please contact me early so we can discuss projects. 

Undergraduate Research Scholars (for non-UD undergrads)

The program provides a stipend and 10 weeks of housing to conduct summer research at the University of Delaware.   

See more opportunities at UD here: 

Other opportunities: 

And related lists of undergraduate fellowships and awards here, here, and here